Q7 home exercise bike wholesale

Q7 home exercise bike wholesale

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        Q7 home exercise bike Appearance design is simple, the lines are smooth, fashionable, the bearing is good, the stability is strong, and the lengthened body design is no problem to export to Europe and the United States. 

  • Name: Q7 home exercise bike
  • Model Number: TZH-SPINNING BIKE-CQ7
  • Flywheel Weight: 3.5 KG
  • Weight: Gw 20 KG; Nw 18 KG
  • Package size: 86*20*73 CM
  • Resistance adjustment: Screw-type variable speed adjustment
  • Transmission mode: Belt silent transmission
  • Color: Black red
  • Appearance design: Smooth lines, fashion, good load-bearing and stability.
  • OEM: Support OEM
  • Whatsapp: 008618071643652
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          Our spinning bike body material is made of high-quality high-carbon steel casting. This steel is extremely heavy-duty. The body adopts a triangular structure with good stability and is not easy to deform. So there is no need to worry about the spinning bike collapsing while exercising.

          Q7 home exercise bike product has a screw-type variable speed adjustment, and the electronic watch displays: heart rate, time, speed, distance, total distance, calorie consumption, and rotational speed, so that trainers can clearly understand their exercise status.

    Triangular support structure design
Strong load-bearing high carbon steel

    One-piece casting, high carbon steel pipe. High-end model, dedicated to gym

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    tianzhihui-SPINNING BIKE-CQ7-1

    Product Details

    Combining modern technology with mechanical aesthetics

    tianzhihui-SPINNING BIKE-CQ7-2-1

    Multifunctional LED display

    Record the data information during the exercise, so that you can see the exercise status at a glance.

    tianzhihui-SPINNING BIKE-CQ7-2-2

    Multi-speed resistance adjustment

    Adjust the resistance of the spinning bike and deliver the greatest exercise effect.

    tianzhihui-SPINNING BIKE-CQ7-2-3

    High quality steel

    Stainless steel flywheel, the default is 4kg. The weight can also be customized according to your requirements.

    tianzhihui-SPINNING BIKE-CQ7-2-4

    Non-slip comfort cushion

    Its soft and comfortable, and you don't have to worry about slipping and falling while exercising.

    tianzhihui-SPINNING BIKE-CQ7-3
    tianzhihui-SPINNING BIKE-CQ7-3-1

    Innovative technology LED display

    Compared with the previous old models, we have added some functions: experience scanning, time, speed, distance, calories, total distance, heart rate. As shown in the picture above, we offer two styles for you to choose from.

    Two steel pipes at the bottom are stable
        Made of high-quality steel, the bottom is reinforced, and it is safer to use.
Two steel pipes are stable
        High-speed running without fluttering, smoother and more stable riding, safer exercise, and better mute effect.

            Spinning bike Bottom for reinforcement. We use high-quality steel pipes, which take the safety of sports up a notch. For example, in the case of high-speed operation, the body is off and shaking, and it is very stable. In addition, it also has a good mute effect, so that the movement does not disturb the people.

            We also designed 2 small pulleys in front of the front base of the spinning bike. This makes it easier to move and store.

    tianzhihui-SPINNING BIKE-CQ7-3111

    Three ways to ride

            Whether it is the armrest, the seat can be adjusted up and down. The seat can not only be adjusted up and down, but also can be adjusted fore and aft distance. Diversify and make aerobic exercise more comfortable.


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