New Generation Home Smart Tablet Treadmill Wholesale

New Generation Home Smart Tablet Treadmill Wholesale

Short Description:

        This treadmill can be controlled with a wireless remote. After folding, it occupies a small area, which is convenient for your storage.

        Product has the advantages of high horsepower, quietness, strong torque, low vibration and low power consumption.

  • Name: New Generation Home Smart Tablet Treadmill
  • Product brand: TIANZHIHUI
  • Model Number: TZH-Treadmill-A9
  • Color: Pink
  • Running range: 40*103CM
  • Size: 129*55*13.5CM
  • Motor power: 0.55HP
  • Control method: Remote control
  • Net weight/gross weight: 17.5KG/19.8KG
  • OEM/ODM: Accept
  • Product Detail

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    This pink treadmill without handrails. For models with armrests, please contact our account manager. Style with armrests is shown below.

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            Treadmill adopts advanced baking paint, the body is lighter and thinner, the footprint is smaller, the running area is larger, and the design is more modern. Compared with modern, it has more practical functions than traditional walking machines. for a more comfortable experience.

            Diamond pattern running belt is exquisite and graceful, making your exercise more comfortable.

    Product Details

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    Product name: New Generation Home Smart Tablet Treadmill
    Product brand: TIANZHIHUI
    Product number: TZH-Treadmill-A9
    Speed range: 1-10KM/h speed range
    Can choose colour: Pink grey
    Product weight: 20KG
    Product load: 200KG
    Package dimensions: 129*55*13.5CM
    Product features: With armrests, pink and grey, flat treadmill
    About taking samples: Confirm the order quantity within 15 days after receiving the sample, and return the sample price difference; the sample is not negotiable!
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            Treadmill has a wireless intelligent remote control start function. Just press the remote control to start. It is convenient to not bend over, making the movement easier to control.

            Variable speed function of the treadmill allows you to experience: walking after meals (1- 2km/h); brisk walking (3- 4km/h); jogging to reduce fat (5- 6km/h). You can choose to walk or run, and adjust freely at different speeds from 1-6km/h.

            Treadmill is finely crafted to increase the load-bearing capacity, bringing you a more comfortable experience. The increased load-bearing capacity of 200 catties and selected materials will escort your exercise.

    49CM wide running platform

    49CM wide running platform

    tzh-Smart Tablet Treadmill x-5

            After the treadmill is stored, the footprint is very small, only about 0.06 square meters. You can place it under the sofa, under the bed, behind the door or under the TV cabinet.

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