Bumblebee Spinning Bike Wholesale

Bumblebee Spinning Bike Wholesale

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  • Product Name: Transformers Spinning Bike
  • Product Category: Upright
  • Resistance adjustment method: Adjust resistance
  • Scope application: Office, outdoor, home
  • Maximum load: 200 (kg)
  • Horsepower: Adjust resistance
  • Specifications: 125*53*112(cm)
  • OEM: Support OEM
  • Whatsapp: 0086 18071643652
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            A good product is not a mere appearance, but more importantly, the sublimation of details can repair both inside and outside.
            Bumblebee Spinning Bike: Triangular load-bearing, stable design. Safer, more stable and more comfortable.
            Magnetron flywheel: Magnetron iron flywheel is homogeneous enough to ensure inertial force and dynamic balance of riding,making riding more refreshing.
            Multi-groove belt drive: Quieter and smoother riding It adopts a multi-groove belt rotation system with high transmission power and strong toughness,bringing a quieter and smoother riding experience.
            Ergonomic seat cushion: Soft, breathable and comfortable. seat cushion is ergonomically designed with soft and breathable materials. Long-term riding is more comfortable.
            Comfortable foot plate does not oxidize and rust. It fits different shoe sizes.


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    Product structure
Let you know more about us

    Product structure,Let you know more about us

            1. A seat for exercise bikes
            2. Seat back and forth adjustment
            3. Seat cushion is adjusted up and down
            4. Non-slip rubber cover

            5. Aluminium alloy pipe
            6. Drag control button
            7. Aluminum alloy pedal
            8. Muti-function handle

            9. Handlebar up and down adjustment button
            10. Fully enclosed protective shell
            11. Move the wheel

    Product Details


            Tablet Holder: Place your tablet on it if you want to play games or watch power while you're exercising. Combine entertainment and sports in one.

    Aluminum alloy pedals
Foot strap design, wear-resistant and non-slip, not easy to fall off.

    Aluminum alloy pedals

    Pedals of the exercise bike are made of aluminum alloy, which is light in weight, non-slip and wear-resistant. And we also made a foot strap design, the foot is not easy to slip off when exercising.

    Cushion slide design

    We choose high-quality aluminum alloy material. Because aluminum alloy has the characteristics of good strength and good corrosion resistance, it is an excellent choice in the industry. The front and rear of the seat cushion slideway can be adjusted according to your needs. If you need to adjust up and down, you can adjust the height of the seat below.

    Cushion slide
Selected aluminum alloy high-quality metal materials to create slides, the height can be adjusted according to personal habits, as well as the front and rear distances
    Resistance adjustment method
Adjust resistance

    Resistance adjustment method

    Knob-type adjustment method is used to increase the resistance of the movement.

    Magnetron flywheel

    Magnetron iron flywheel is homogeneous enough to ensure inertial force and dynamic balance of riding,making riding more refreshing.

    Stainless steel flywheel
Weight 6-13kg can be customized
    High-quality eco-friendly paint
Multiple colors can be customized

    Flywheel protective case

    Its function is to wrap the flywheel and transmission inside the spinning bike to prevent accidental scratches when exercising.


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