Home Comprehensive Strength Training Sports Equipment Squat Rack Smith Machine Wholesale

Home Comprehensive Strength Training Sports Equipment Squat Rack Smith Machine Wholesale

Short Description:

        Function: Muscle Relaxation Apparatus, Comprehensive Fitness Exercise, Core Muscle,LEGS,ARMS, Chest,Shoulder,Back.

        Customization: Customized logo, Customized packaging, Graphic customization, Structure.

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  • Name: Smith machine squat rack
  • Brand Name: TIANHUI
  • Model Number: TZH-SMITH MACHINE-J009
  • Application: Home, commercial
  • Usage: Strength Training Body Building
  • Logo: Customized Logo Availabled
  • Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China
  • OEM/ODM: Accept.
  • Product Detail

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            This Smith machine produced by our company is a comprehensive training and equipment that is very suitable for home use. This product can be used with barbells, dumbbell benches, bench press racks and many other fitness products to realize the diversification of home exercise. Especially for the training of your latissimus dorsi and teres major, it has an outstanding effect.

            Equipment is made of high-quality environmentally friendly engineering materials, and the height can be adjusted according to your height. In terms of products, high-quality pulleys are used as parts to make the pulling force smooth and flexible. Moreover, the equipment has a large bearing capacity, is safe, sturdy and durable, which can fully meet the actual needs of the majority of fitness enthusiasts.

    TZH-Smith Gantry-1

    Product Parameter

    Smith machine squat rack
    Fitness, plasticity
    Net weight:
    Gym, home, etc.

    Product Details

    TZH-Smith Gantry-10

            Smith machine squat rack. A must for professional squats/fitness. Free parallel bars, free brackets. Large bearing capacity, safe/sturdy/durable.

            Adjustable Feiwu pulley, the pulling force is smooth and flexible. Various heights can adjust the output.

    TZH-Smith Gantry-2

    Product Structure

    1 Pull-ups 8 High pull handle
    2 Asuka Handle 9 Rally weight
    3 Barbell bracket 10 Low pull handle
    4 Arm support 11 Free adjustment system
    5 Safety limit hook 12 Smith Barbell Bar
    6 Barbell protection frame 13 Barbell sheet storage shelf
    7 Barrel training    

            Exercise action: bird standing high pull-down, sitting high pull-down, low pull, inverted push, barbell standing lift, barbell left and right twist and push up, barbell shoulder squat, push-up, causing upward, two or three heads Muscle training, with the training bench, it can be used for sitting leg hook, supine leg hook, incline and downcline, bench press, upper limb forward stretching and other training, which can effectively exercise the muscles of all parts of the body.

    TZH-Smith Gantry-3

    Smith Rod Lowest adjustment position.

    TZH-Smith Gantry-4

    Smith is in the position of the last hole; the barbell is 35cm away from the rear pulley; 5 gears are adjustable, each gear is 3cm.

    Auxiliary squat.
Stainless steel linear bearings, movement is not stuck.

    Auxiliary squat.

            Our Smith machine uses high quality stainless steel bearings. This allows you not to stuck at all when you exercise.

    Multiple height adjustment outputs.
Adjustable bird pulley, smooth and flexible pulling force.

    Multiple height adjustment outputs.

    Adjustable bird pulley, smooth and flexible pulling force.

    TZH-Smith Gantry-5-1
    TZH-Smith Gantry-5-2
    TZH-Smith Gantry-5-3
    TZH-Smith Gantry-8

            We have passed the ISO 9001 and IS014001 environmental management system certification, and the quality control system is complete. We implement process management from raw material warehousing to finished product delivery to ensure that the products are delivered to you with high quality and stability.

            Trade terms we accept are EXW, FOB, CIF, DDU, DDP and so on.

    TZH-Smith Gantry-9-1

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