Household three wheel silent anti-skid belly wheel wholesale

Household three wheel silent anti-skid belly wheel wholesale

Short Description:

        Abdominal wheel is made out PVC, which is semi rigid, tough material, with good fatigue, heat and stress-cracking resistance. The handle consists of a stainless steel tube rod for safety and stability.

        Number of wheels of the abdominal wheel can be adjusted according to your needs.

  • Product name: Three wheel silent anti-skid belly wheel
  • Model Number: TZH-BELLY WHEEL-C2
  • Material: PP, PVC, PP+PVC
  • Weight: 200g, 300g, 5kg
  • Load bearing: 100KG- 500KG
  • Color: Blue, Green
  • Function: Fitness, strength training, building muscle
  • OEM: Weclome,custom-made
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            Three wheeled mute non-slip textured belly wheel Designed according principles of mechanics. Increase the load-bearing capacity, Force of each point is dispersed, so that the load-bearing of the wheel is improved.

            We are a professional factory with a complete production process. Every product must be inspected before being packaged.

            Usually, this abdominal wheel has 4 colors: green, blue, red, black. Other colors are also available if you need. You just need to provide us the number of the Pantone color card. We will customize according to your requirements.

            Packaging of the product is also determined according to your needs. Usually there are bulk, color boxes, kraft cartons, etc.

    tzh Belly wheel-x-0
    Buy a belly wheel. Kneeling mat provided.
Effectively protect the knee from injury.

    Buy a belly wheel. Kneeling mat provided.

            Now as long as you have purchased the abdominal wheel from us. Regardless of the quantity, we will give you the same quantity of EVA kneeling pads according to the quantity of the belly wheel you purchased.

            Role of EVA kneeling pads is to protect your knees during your exercise and avoid accidental knee injuries.

    Product Paramenters

    Product Paramenters
    Abdominal Wheel
    Blue, Green
    Roller inner ring:
    Engineering plastics
    Load bearing:
    100KG- 500KG
    Roller outer ring:
    Soft PVC
    Fitness, abdominal, etc.
    Steel pipe:
    Thickened compression steel pipe
    Wheel diameter:
    Engineering plastic
    Fitness men and women / teenagers
    Wheel diameter 16cm; Handle length 11cm.

    Wheel diameter 16cm; Handle length 11cm.

            Wheels of our abdominal wheel are directly 16cm. The length of the handle is 11 cm. Number of wheels is generally 2 or 3. You can also add more wheels if you need to.

    Details Images

    Easy to disassemble with exercise
It is easy to carry, travel at home, and exercise at work.

    Design based on classical mechanics. Make the abdominal wheel safer.

            Rollers of the abdominal wheel have a design with multiple stress points. These force points can effectively provide the bearing capacity that the abdominal wheel can bear. There is also a ring of elastic material on the periphery, which can effectively play a non-slip role and protect the ground.
    Built-in thickened steel pipe
Super strong load-bearing sturdy without discount.

    Easy to assemble and carry

            Assembly of the belly wheel is relatively simple. Whether you're working out at home or traveling, you can take it with you.
    Soft and comfortable handle
Sweat-absorbing sponge, feels comfortable
Soft and comfortable sponge, tear-resistant, elastic, deodorant, non-slip, sweat-absorbing and wear-resistant.

    Built-in thickened steel pipe

            There is a thickened steel tube inside the handle of the abdominal wheel. Even heavier people can use it for exercise. Don't worry about the handle breaking due to gravity.
    Blue deodorant inner cotton
Black non-slip foam

    Soft and comfortable handle

            Abdominal wheel handle is made of high-quality foam. The blue part has a deodorant effect, and the black part has a good anti-slip effect. At the same time, the sponge handle also has a comfortable feel, tear-resistant, elastic, deodorant, non-slip, sweat-absorbing, and wear-resistant.

    Packaging22-2 - 0
    Packaging22-1 - 0

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