cork yoga mat wholesale

cork yoga mat wholesale

Short Description:

        Cork yoga mat uses a combination of natural log color natural cork and natural rubber. Frosted wood grain, more anti-slip and moisture absorption make every yoga user. Feel dignified and happy, healthy and natural.

  • Name: Cork TPE yoga mat (cork rubber yoga mat can also be produced)
  • Texture: Cork+TPE or cork+rubber
  • Size: 183x61x0.3; 183x61x0.4; 183x61x0.5; 183x61x0.6.
  • Weight: 1(KG)
  • Features: Anti-skid and dehumidifying, quick rebound, professional quality
  • Packaging: Plastic film + carton
  • Certification: Product has passed 6P test and SGS international certification
  • Logo: A printing service is available
  • OEM and ODM: Accept
  • Product Detail

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    Tianzhihui-Cork TPE Yoga Mat-z-16 - 1

    Product Details


    Product color.

            Colors we often make are: Yellow, red, green, purple, blue, black;
            In addition to the colors often made, we can customize various colors according to customer requirements.



    About product specifications.

            Our products come in various sizes, the following are several common sizes. If there is no size you need below, we are also happy to tailor it for you!
            Several commonly used sizes: 183x61x0.3; 183x61x0.4; 183x61x0.5; 183x61x0.6.



            1,Three inert layers
            2,Can be quickly flattened after being rolled up
            3,Eliminate the trouble of curling on both sides



            Natural fiber tightly connected Flat while maintaining flexibility Anti-tearing, competent for all kinds of training.
            Rebound material Any folding will rebound No crease More durable.

    Tianhui-Cork TPE Yoga Mat-z-1
    Tianhui-Cork TPE Yoga Mat-z-2
    Tianhui-Cork TPE Yoga Mat-z-3
    Tianhui-Cork TPE Yoga Mat-z-4
    Tianhui-Cork TPE Yoga Mat-z-5
    Tianhui-Cork TPE Yoga Mat-z-6
    Tianhui-Cork TPE Yoga Mat-z-17
    Tianhui-Cork TPE Yoga Mat-z-18
    TZH tpe yoga mat 2-12

    Usage Scenario.

             You can do a lot of ground exercises on the yoga mat: yoga, push-ups, aerobics, sit-ups, etc. Both sides can be used, with good flexibility. Avoid pain and black marks on various parts of the body during exercise. Auxiliary supplies for yoga practice. Spread the yoga mat flat on the ground and do yoga exercises on it to prevent bruising of the spine, ankles, hip bones, knee joints and other parts. After doing the exercise, you can roll up the yoga mat, lock it with a hair buckle, and put it in the backpack, which is simple and hygienic.

    TZH tpe yoga mat 2-11

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