Multifunctional gym special squat rack Smith machine wholesale

Multifunctional gym special squat rack Smith machine wholesale

Short Description:

Squat rack smith machine Features:
        1. Excellent surface painting finish.
        2. Smooth welding.
        3. Top quality steel tube Q235.
        4. Steel tube size 50x100x3mm.
        5. Orignal brand with unique design.
        6. Original pictures from our workshop or showroom.
        7. Plate loaded fitness equipment.

  • Product name: Squat rack smith machine
  • Model Number: TZH-SM-EC2
  • Size: 225*151*28 cm
  • Brand Name: TIANHUI
  • Place of Origin: Yancheng, Jiangsu, China
  • Packing: Wooden Case
  • Packaging Details: 1 set / wooden Carton
  • OEM, ODM: Availble
  • Product Detail

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            Squat rack smith machine adheres to high-quality raw materials, adheres to high-quality safe paint, adopts exquisite production technology, and adheres to strict testing in all links.

            Smith Machine plate-loaded piece of exercise equipment comprised of two vertical posts with an open front configuration and a barbell, which counterbalanced for a starting weight under 15 lbs , fixed within two steel rails that have 10 bar hooks at varying heights. This is an ideal way for users of all strength levels to perform a wide range of upper- and lower-body exercises.

            There are no crossbar support members at floor level, permitting benches to be conveniently rolled into the unit from either direction. A Smith Machine only allows vertical movements once the bar is unhooked, and it is designed to assist in safely performing weight training exercises such as Squats, Lunges, Dead lifts, Presses, Rows, and many others, by allowing the weight to be secured at any point during an exercise with a twist of the wrist to re-hook the bar.

    Commercial Smith Machine Trainer
Commercial Grade Devices

    Product Parameter

    Commercial Smith Machine
    1450*2230*2180 mm
    Barbell piece
    Packing size:
    2250*1510*280 mm
    Net weight:
    257 kg
    Maximum load:
    300 KG
    Metal paint process
    Use place:
    Commercial gym
    Chest, Shoulder, Arm, abdomen, Back, 
Training muscles

    Training muscles

    Chest, Shoulder, Arm, abdomen, Back

    Product Details

    TZH Commercial Smith Machine Trainer-3
    TZH Commercial Smith Machine Trainer-4

    Multi-dimensional damping spring:

            Shock absorption effect effectively protects the limbs from harm, and it is more assured to use.

    Security protection, King Kong lock:

            High and low movement of the lock can be automatically attached to protect the safety of training and use.

    Stable structure, foot pad design:

            Non-slip design product is more stable, and the load-bearing capacity is stronger without hurting the floor.

    Selected high-quality pulleys:

            Anti-derailment track is matched with thickened steel wire for safer and smoother use.

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            1: We are the source factory, the direct supply of goods is convenient and fast, and the supply of goods is worry-free!

            2: Authentic guarantee, before each product leaves the factory, we all need quality inspection, and only if the inspection is qualified will we deliver the goods, and we will escort your sales to protect the price!

            3: Multi-warehouse delivery, we have warehouses near major domestic ports, all-round and full-cycle full coverage, efficient and fast in one step!

            4: Worry-free after-sale service, 7*24-hour service, quick response, one goods to one person, and the responsibility to the person!

            Remarks: About the product warranty period, it refers to the non-artificial damage of sports equipment under normal use, not the logistics damage and improper operation damage during transportation. During the warranty period, our company will bear the accessories and express costs. Pay for accessories.

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