Comprehensive physical training equipment squat frame Smith machine wholesale

Comprehensive physical training equipment squat frame Smith machine wholesale

Short Description:

        Product design absorbs the advanced design concept of foreign countries and improves on the basis of the original, more in line with the fitness needs of the world crowd.

        Using combination of 50mm*50mm square steel pipe and 50mm*100mm rectangular steel pipe,the main material thickness is 3mm,highlight the sense of strength and massiness ,Sand blasting derusting process and electrostatic spraying process complement each other, especially using the two times spraying process, the surface treatment of instruments is almost perfect. Product production using international high-end production process – laser cutting, automatic manipulator welding, various CNC machine tools and other production equipment, the realization of cutting-edge standards operation of factory equipment.

  • Product name: Smith machine squat rack
  • Model Number: TZH-SM-EC2
  • Size: 225*151*28 cm
  • Material: Thickened steel pipe
  • Feature: Eco-friendly, Safe
  • Certification: CE ISO9001
  • Brand Name: TIANHUI
  • Custom made: Accept customization
  • Product Detail

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            Smith machine Breaking the traditional concept for designing the appearance with new characteristics of novelty,beauty and practicability;
            All components are made of precision stainless steel that never get rusted;
            High-strengh steel cable with good flexibility and strength of extension which provides longer lifetime.
            Movement trajectory keeps to the principle of human engineering with prfessional movement instruction, more intuitive and simple.
            Using strong magnetic latch in weight stack with high safety and reliability.
            Using new frame in cushion, ensure adequate durability
            Weight stack and cabling equipped with safe device.

    Smith machine squat rack-1

    Product parameter

    Gym comprehensive training equipment combination squat rack + bird + Smith machine
    Thick steel pipe
    2160*2320*2410 mm
    Adapt crowd:
    All fitness crowd
    Gross weight:
    565 KG

    Product Details

    Smith machine squat rack-4
    Smith machine squat rack-2

    Product Structure

    1 Pulley 3 Guard bar
    2 Weightlifting pole 4 Non-slip foot mat
    Chest, Shoulder, Arm, abdomen, Back, 
Training muscles

    Training muscles

    Chest, Shoulder, Arm, abdomen, Back,


    Upgrade counterweight:

            A variety of breedings can be combined according to their own conditions, and the aluminum alloy protection pin is safer.



            Prevent the barbell from slipping off accidentally during exercise, causing injury, and exercise more peace of mind.



    Counterweight bell rod:

            Bold and thick barbell rods, high-strength stainless steel, wear-resistant, durable and easy to maintain.


    Quality pulley:

            Special pulleys and oil-containing steel cables make the movement more enjoyable.



    Case Shows


            Yancheng Tianzhihui Sports Goods Co., Ltd Since its establishment, we have always put product quality in the first place. At present, we have established an advanced scientific production management team, introduced the world's top production equipment, improved our production process, and numbered each product to ensure the provenance of each product, associated responsible persons, and ensured the product the quality of. The company also adopted a series of measures to make the product pass rate and after-sales service timely rate reach 100%.

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