xpe crawling mat and epe crawling mat difference

        We take care of the baby very carefully. A few months after the baby is born, the baby will start to learn simple crawling. At this time, a high-quality crawling mat is needed to help the baby learn to crawl and prevent the baby from accidentally falling and hurting during this process. But there are many types of crawling mats, and many mothers don’t know how to choose. Let’s learn about the difference between xpe and epe crawling mats.

difference between xpe and epe crawling mat
        EPE crawling mat uses EPE (pearl cotton) as a raw material to produce a crawling mat. EPE is a new environmentally friendly foam material with high-strength cushioning and shock resistance. It is flexible, light, and elastic, and can be absorbed by bending. And disperse the external impact force to achieve a buffer effect. At the same time, EPE has a variety of superior use characteristics such as heat preservation, moisture resistance, heat preservation, and sound insulation.
        XPE crawling mat is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and odorless. It is currently recognized as an environmentally friendly material in the world; it will not cause any replacement for the baby’s tender skin. Compared with EPE, XPE is not easy to deform, has strong recovery and is more comfortable, especially used Large fret design. The only drawback is the high price.

        Safety of the xpe crawling mat is still very good, and it is also high temperature resistant. Even when playing with children on the playground, you can also put such a crawling mat on top, do not worry about the high temperature of the stack, which will evaporate Some toxic substances do not have to worry about this situation at all.
        Because the quality of the xpe crawling mat is better, the price is definitely a little more expensive, but after all, it is something for babies to use, so even if the price is a little more expensive, I believe many mothers will be willing to bear it, it is better than letting children use it. Some things of poor quality are fine, and what adverse effects will be brought to the child’s body.

Post time: Jan-04-2022