Talking about the types of squat racks and their advantages and disadvantages

        For work reasons, I have purchased and used many different types of squat racks. Although they are all squat racks, the performances of various squat racks are far from each other in terms of functions, features and user experience. Taking the Smith frame, frame squat frame, half-frame squat frame, horizontal squat frame and split simple squat frame as examples, the advantages, disadvantages and applicable scenarios of these five different types of squat frames are discussed below. brief introduction.

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Pros and cons of the Smith machine squat rack:

        Advantages of the Smith rack: safe and reliable, stable in structure, with various functions such as pull-up, high pull-up, pull-up, etc.; the barbell does not fall to the ground, and it is protected by a buffer spring, so there is no need to worry about crushing the floor, and there will be no too much noise.

        Disadvantages: takes up a lot of space; the trajectory of lifting and falling is a 100% fixed line, which affects the exercise effect; the barbell cannot be used alone, nor can other barbells be used. Applicable people and applicable scenarios: A must-have for large fitness venues, it is more suitable for beginners and intermediate users to perform squat, deadlift, and bench press training.

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Frame Squat Rack Advantages and Disadvantages:

        Advantages of the frame squat rack: it is relatively safe, stable in structure, and has pull-up. Barbells of different sizes can also be used.

        Disadvantages: It takes up a lot of space; it does not have the function of posture correction, and beginners should pay attention to adopting the correct posture. Applicable people and applicable scenarios: It is suitable for large fitness venues and families with large indoor space. It is suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced fitness people to perform various forms of strength training. Personally strongly recommend.

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Pros and cons of a half-frame squat rack:

        Advantages: slightly poor stability (as long as it is used carefully, there will be no accidents); the exercise effect is better, and it can be used as a horizontal bar; the price is relatively cheap, mostly around $70-$80.

        Disadvantages: Not particularly stable, takes up a lot of space. Applicable people and applicable scenarios: suitable for ordinary household use.

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Pros and cons of a horizontal squat rack:

        Advantages: stable structure, small footprint, low price.

        Disadvantages: Height is fixed, the adjustment of the height of the barbell is not flexible enough, and the function is single-. Applicable people and applicable scenarios: suitable for ordinary households, general safety, and need to be used in strict accordance with the regulations.

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Pros and cons of a split squat rack:

        Advantages: very cheap, space saving, flexible and easy to use, can be used with barbells of different lengths.

        Disadvantages: The split design leads to general stability; it is more complicated to operate (the barbell is not easy to put on the shelf); the base is too large and it is easy to trip. Applicable people and applicable scenarios: It is suitable for family use with small living space, and the safety is general.

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Post time: Sep-24-2022