How to maintain TPE yoga mat

When we are intensively practicing yoga, the skin also has a lot of contact with the TPE yoga mat, but the immersion of sweat makes the TPE yoga mat easy to breed bacteria, and the cleaning of the TPE yoga mat cannot be ignored. So how do we clean the yoga mat?

1. Choose the right TPE yoga mat cleaner:
        There are many mentions on the Internet about diluting with vinegar for cleaning, but we do not recommend this because vinegar will stain the TPE yoga mat with a pungent smell, and the vinegar composition may also damage the TPE yoga mat. We recommend that you can use a mild anti-sensitive laundry detergent to clean it, and wipe the TPE yoga mat after dilution, but you need to wipe it off with clean water at the end to avoid residual ingredients.

        Drying with a dry cloth before exercise can remove the floating dust and bacteria on the TPE yoga mat. In addition to purifying the TPE yoga mat, it can also breathe plant essential oils during practice to help yoga practice.

        After exercise, spray again to clean the TPE yoga mat and hands to prevent bacteria from remaining or bringing bacteria to other parts of the body.
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2. Regular deep cleaning and maintenance

        It is best to perform a deep cleaning once a week to remove dirt, grease and odor from the TPE yoga mat. Spray the TPE yoga mat cleaning spray with wine on the TPE yoga mat, wipe it with a damp cloth or sponge, and focus on the areas where the hands and feet are most frequently touched. Pay attention not to be too heavy and avoid peeling off the surface of the TPE yoga mat. After wiping, place in a cool place to air dry, avoid exposure to the sun.

Post time: Jan-04-2022