Home sports fitness equipment four-wheel abdominal fitness wheel

        Companys product four-wheel abdominal fitness device is a small booster that can exercise multiple muscles and joints in the body, reduce excess body fat, and achieve the effect of fitness and plasticity.

Abdominal wheel parameters.
Fine selection of materials, meticulous design, destined to be unusual, sufficient materials are used for you to see.


Practice abdominal muscles "fast", "precise" , "ruthless'
Wholesale Abs Wheels. We give away kneeling mats.

        Material of the four-wheeled abdominal fitness device is high-quality environmental protection engineering material, with simple design, beautiful appearance, strong and durable. The size is designed according to the golden ratio of the human body. The upper length is 32cm, the single handle is 12cm, the bottom length is 15.5cm, the width is 21.5cm, and the height is 11cm. Among them, the width of the wheel is 5.8cm and the thickness of the wheel is 3cm. It is supported by four rollers and has strong stability. Concave and convex rollers, x three-dimensional texture, strong grip, ultra-slip, ultra-quiet. High-quality imported wheel center bearings are used to ensure smooth movement, no jamming, and high safety. The comfortable foam handle is ergonomically designed to ensure that the hands are not easily fatigued during exercise, and can not be held for a long time without calluses, sweat absorption, deodorization, non-slip, wear-resistant, and high comfort. Because the venue required for exercising is simple, it can be used at home and has high convenience.

        Four-wheel abdominal fitness device is effective and can target the shoulders, chest muscles, upper shoulders, shoulder muscles, waist, legs and other parts to quickly reduce excess body fat. Customers who place an order can configure kneeling mats, push-up stands, brake pads and ropes.

        To sum up, the company's product four-wheel abdominal fitness equipment is a rare fitness tool for forging muscular men and creating a charming waist.

Post time: Aug-15-2022